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they complete my life
Saturday, 14 January 2012 | 04:29 | 0 luv letter[s]

dari kiri : Yana , Dayah , Dena , Sharifah , Farah and Syainie

they complete my life with their own style . i love them . even one of them hate me so much , i just want to know her reasons :) awak benci saye mcm mane pun , saye suke kawan dengan awak . awak kelakar . hahaha . yang dekat atas sape yang comel ha,ha,ha ? semue kankankan ? dah lahh korang , korang takcomeyh mcm die en en en ? fyi , dorang semue nie baekbaek . hahaha . seriously .  yang comel : Yana . yang kelakar : Dayah . yang kuat cakap : Dena . yang suka senyum : Sharifah . yang baek : Farah . yang kuat ketawa : Syainie . HAHAHA . i love them so much :) without them i can't breathe :) without them i've never have mission in life :) thankyou somuch babe :) thats all . kbhai :)

you need to fuck up first before you know who your true friends are

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