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she is a good person :)
Friday, 13 January 2012 | 09:24 | 0 luv letter[s]

my SuperMan .

Hello , her name is Dayah Rahman . her age 15teen years old in 2012 . she is a good hearing . i love her . sangat memahami . and now , she's not alone anymore . die dah ade teman . i'm happy for you dayah . harap hubungan dayah dengan dia akan kekal lama . amin :) mien tumpang gembira :)

My SuperHero :)

a little girl with a cute face and a sweet smile . can make people fall in love with her , the best girl i ever met . cool . lupe intro . LiyanaIsmail . 15Teen . satu kelas dengan mien . Naa , cepatcepatlahh carik penganti yeaa . nak tengok juga yana happy :) mesti happy kan , just like you and K . hee . amin  :)

My WonderGirl

AmaraIkhbal . funny , strong , friendly more than everyone do , love laughing . from international country , btw amara , you're cool person you know that ? hahaha . 15teen . SEMUA NIE SATU KELAS DENGAN MIEN .


learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

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